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Political Risk

Dods political risk service offers three standard products that have been shaped to enable companies to make the best strategic and operational decisions after careful assessment of the political, regulatory and stakeholder landscape. These reports offer compelling solutions for organisations seeking to understand and mitigate political risks in a number of key economic sectors including:

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Agriculture
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Telecoms

Political Risk Reports

A compelling analysis of the fundamental drivers of political risk and marketing facing economic sector or issue. These reports include:

  • High-level executive summary 
  • Political landscape analysis – building on Dods Monitoring and Research expertise to provide an incisive assessment of the current political, policy, and legislative environment
  • Regulatory and taxation environment – overview of major regulatory and taxation issues relating to an economic sector or specific investment opportunity
  • Market analysis – analysis of current performance of relevant economic sector, including competitor landscape

Stakeholder Mapping Reports

Our Stakeholder Mapping Reports provides a thorough investigation of the key actors and influencers who are likely to make or break a new investment. 

These reports include:

  • High-level executive summary – easily digestible for senior corporate audiences
  • Stakeholder analysis by thematic cluster – political figures, NGOs, media, business interests, academics, regulatory bodies, trade associations etc
  • Stakeholder profiles and contact details for each stakeholder analysed


Brexit Risk Reports

The Brexit Risk Reports subscription service will provide monthly reports (15 pages) which go behind the headlines to analyse the long-term political and economic implications of Brexit, horizon scanning to analyse how current events are affecting and shaping the business future. 

Each monthly Brexit Risk Report consists of three main components:

  • Political outlook – Party dynamics, public opinion and Brexit
  • Brexit negotiations – Key focus on Article 50, freedom of movement, and UK access to the EU’s Single Market
  • Economic and business implications – Analysing what current developments on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU mean for business

To enquire further about political risk products that Dods can provide for your organisation please email or call: +44 (0)20 7593 5516