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Local Government Outsourcing Report

“Respondents do not believe that Government and the public sector overall has a grasp of their exposure to their largest suppliers and that current procurement rules do not help deliver any changes.”

Dods Local Government Outsourcing Report analyses the finding of our survey of 250 local authorities across the UK and provides insights on the potential impact on outsourcing in the public sector following Carillions’ collapse.

Insights include;

  • The extent to which respondents think that private sector firms should be involved in delivering services
  • Whether respondents believe that suppliers have a public service ethos or simply view the public sector as a source of profits
  • The impact on the organisation if services were returned in-house
  • What steps need to be taken in order to reduce the public sector's risk to major suppliers going bankrupt

This report helps organisations looking to re-examine their existing contracts and to assess if local authorities have the right skills to be able to procure and manage contracts with SMEs.

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