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Health Outsourcing Report

“Even if a service has been outsourced – the Government, public sector or NHS trust remains ultimately responsible.”

Carillion was entrenched in the NHS and the impact of its collapse is likely to impact attitudes and perception towards outsourcing to private organisations for many years. Dods Health Outsourcing Report analyses the findings of our survey of over 1,200 Healthcare staff from NHS Trusts, NHS Digital, NHS Wales and NHS Scotland to Clinic Commissioning Groups and GM Health & Social Care Partnership to understand current thinking towards outsourcing.

The analysis provides key insights including;

  • The extent to which respondents think that private sector firms should be involved in delivering services
  • Whether respondents believe that suppliers have a public service ethos or simply view the public sector as a source of profits
  • The impact on the organisation if services were returned in-house
  • What steps need to be taken in order to reduce the public sector's risk to major suppliers going bankrupt

This report helps organisations that are looking to re-examine their existing contracts or those trying to understand if the healthcare sector will be re-thinking the design of contracts after the collapse of Carillion.

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