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French Monitoring

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Receive regular targeted insight into the workings and the latest developments within the French parliament and public sector.          

Our French experts and unrivalled political contacts provide us with the tools to deliver the intelligence you need to accurately direct future strategy and give you the edge in the market. Providing you with a service tailored to your specific needs to boost your success within the country from our monitoring team on the ground.

The service includes:

  • The Agenda: a summary of the main events of the coming weeks.
  • The Briefing: a daily compilation of key news.
  • Sector Bulletins: a compilation of the main political news in a specific sector, such as health, monthly or weekly according to your needs and preferences.
  • Hotline: a tailored online consultation service with your monitoring expert.
  • Hotline Plus: an in-depth research and analysis service to answer your questions.
  • Tailored real-time alerts.

Our sources include:

  • Parliament
  • Government
  • Public agencies
  • NGOs
  • Think tanks
  • Political parties

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