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EU Elections 2019

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The EU elections promise to be a time of significant upheaval with parliamentary reallocations and reshufflings.

Our analysis of previous EU elections shows that as few as half of the existing MEPs could be re-elected meaning the challenge for organisations is to quickly identify the new influencers to engage with by their interests and priorities. The number of MEPs will drop in 2019 as the UK leaves the EU, but organisations can still expect disruption to their engagement plans as hundreds of new stakeholders are appointed to the new commission.    

Navigating the complex process to identify and track the impact of potential change, especially around people and responsibilities, is of business-critical importance. 

It’s crucial that you stay close to the election process throughout whether it is to influence a manifesto, organise a husting or seek candidates to support a pledge. You need to effectively identify opinion-leaders and decision-makers interested in relevant issues and find effective channels to influence and engage new policymakers. 

Quickly and proactively understanding what the changes look like and understand how your organisation might be affected is key.

How Dods can help you with the EU Election process:

Dods have a team of 15 dedicated researchers and consultants, speaking 17 languages, covering the European elections at all its stages.


  • Identify key front-runners to engage with - We compile a list with the current MEPs’ intentions, including their contact details, political biographies and areas of policy interest so you can determine key stakeholders to engage with.
  • Stay up-to-date about the political parties’ programme and priorities - Receive manifesto summaries verified by expert consultants to better understand the European parties’ political positioning and priorities for the next legislative mandate that matter to you.
  • Track the decision-making progress - Receive regular briefings, including the status of the remaining pending legislative dossiers, the latest developments and progress, and those that will pass to the next mandate


Our experienced team will be reporting on the election results across the EU member states, as they are announced between 23rd to 26th May, so we can quickly reveal the composition of the new European Parliament. Since we produce the biographies to accompany the candidate listings we are ready with the full picture once the elections are concluded. Our coverage means that clients will save time and effort and will be able to quickly plan their communication strategy and start their engagement with the new MEPs.

  • Understanding the newly elected Parliament - The Dods People EU team will provide information about the composition of the presidency, the parliamentary committees, the political groups and the college of Commissioners of the European including biographies and contact details.
  • Assess the impact of changes - Receive regular alerts from our consultants on the policy developments in the newly formed European Parliament including insights and analysis on the risks and opportunities for your organisation.
  • Stay up-to-date with the progress of the European Commission - Understand the new structure and priorities of the new commission.

For the very latest on the EU Elections and to download handy guides and timelines subscribe to our Election Alerts here 

To ensure you are prepared for May 2019 and the new Parliament get in touch today