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Dods Signals – drive your decisions with our digital media alerts

Dods Signals – drive your decisions with our digital media alerts

In a busy, multi-dimensional media landscape it’s getting harder to cut through the noise and find the conversations and mentions relevant to your organisation.

That’s why we’ve introduced Dods Signals, the definitive real-time and scheduled alert companion to Dods Monitoring solution.

Add a new dimension to your insights

Dods Signals casts the net wider, giving public affairs professionals alerts covering digital sources and social media interactions – in addition to traditional public sector information sources.

Enhance your engagement strategy
Our alerts ensure you stay abreast of the online conversations that matter, and can respond and strategise with timely information at your fingertips:

  • proactively respond to ‘mission-critical’ developments and track campaign engagement
  • end-of-day round ups give an overview of relevant conversations, so you can identify stakeholders interested in a policy area

Cover all bases
Internal resources and keyword-based dashboards can falter, especially at times of high-volume social activity. With risk and opportunity at its highest, you need a tailored, dependable service:

With all major social media platforms covered – including LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram - as well as relevant blogs, discussion forums and review sites, Dods Signals provides coverage you can trust.


With sources tailored by your dedicated expert who understands the policy and public sector landscape , you’ll save time and operate effectively with alerts only on issues that impact your organisation and linked to your interests and campaigns. This ensures manageable results, especially during times of high activity


We cover profiles and interactions over 5,000 UK and EU policy agenda-setters and influencers

  • UK service sources include MPs, Peers, journalists, local councils and think tanks
  • EU service sources include MEPs, EU Commissioners, European Council, COREPER, trade associations and think tanks.
  • dialogue from the UK and EU parliaments in multiple languages:

Find out what Dods Signals could do for you: request a free trial now, or find out more by contacting:

Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7593 5500