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Dods People Data in Salesforce


We have made all of our political data available for you to seamlessly manage in the world's leading CRM system.

Create targeted communications campaigns and track all of your activities with key decision-makers, using the full-functionality and features of Salesforce.

Our insightful data is updated nightly and enables you to enrich existing contact information and engage with new stakeholders and covers;

  • telephone numbers and email addresses for all UK and EU political stakeholders
  • Westminster, constituency and ministerial addresses for UK contacts and Brussels, Strasbourg and constituency addresses for EU contacts (where applicable)
  • constituency served, party, current posts, electoral history, political career, past and present select committees and verified political interests
  • photographs, a complete biography, staff listings with contact telephone and email and election details for each contact

It’s native. There’s no systems integration to configure, monitor or fix

Accessing our data in your CRM means you will benefit from using the standard Salesforce features and functionality to  manage Dods data

This means that you can;

  • Create targeted communication campaigns and track all your activities with key officials, seamlessly, in one place by filtering key fields and accessing custom views
  • Access Dods People from a smartphone or other synced mobile device – including photos and notes – via the Salesforce 1 mobile app

Our team will support you every step of the way

  • We ensure that everyone engaging with our data understands the meaning of the fields and how to use them for filtering and reporting.
  • Our Dods People data packages come with complete installation support to allow for seamless access to the most accurate and comprehensive parliamentary contact data for both the UK and EU

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