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Prime Minister's foreword to the forthcoming 2015 edition of Dods Parliamentary Companion

David Cameron MP

We are pleased to announce that the Prime Minister David Cameron has written the foreword for our publication Dods Parliamentary Companion.

"For over 180 years, Members of Parliament, researchers and civil servants have found Dods Parliamentary Companion a mine of invaluable information. A year is a long time in politics - much can change - and so this annually updated and highly-respected guide is a must on the bookshelves of Whitehall and Westminster.

It seems appropriate that Dods Parliamentary Companion was founded in the same year as the Great Reform Act - a year of sweeping change to transform our democracy, open up Parliament and make the law-makers more accountable. This is what Dods Parliamentary Companion does; it shines a light on who works in our political system, and what their activities have been. Such transparency and openness is a vital part of our democracy - and so i wish Dods Parliamentary Companion continuing success this year and in the years ahead." 

A Prime Minister hasn’t provided a foreword to the prestigious companion since the late seventies when it was supplied by Jim Callaghan. Dods has published DPC continuously since 1832.

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