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Political Monitoring Guide

Find out more about political monitoring by reading our new guide!

Brexit, UK election manifestos and EU Parliament policy: just three of the issues which we cover as part of our political monitoring. 

In our new guide to the service, we spell out why it's vital to obtain and understand political information, and how we ensure 1,000 organisations from across the UK and Europe have access to the political intelligence they need.

Political monitoring is essential

Our clients are emphatic: monitoring the policy and regulatory landscape is essential to their success. As part of our guide to political monitoring, we run through the reasons behind this message, from the impact of politics on strategic planning and operations to the role our team of 60 experts play in saving time and identifying threats and opportunities. 

Parliamentary reporting and consultant support

Our consultants cover debates in Westminster and Brussels, ensuring our clients are prepared for policy changes. In our political monitoring guide, two of our experts explain how they work as an extension of their clients' teams.

See what our clients say 

“Dods provide us with vital and timely monitoring and horizon scanning services.”
Mike Harrison, Communications Manager, WElink Group

We work with a wide range of organisations, from trade associations and charities to multinational corporations. See what they say about political monitoring by downloading the guide. 

Working in partnership with PoliticsHome and the Parliament Magazine

Our monitoring team works in tandem with journalists from leading political websites and magazines, including PoliticsHome and the Parliament Magazine. Read more about this partnership in our political monitoring guide.  

Download your copy of our political monitoring guide: