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policy lookahead

With the political landscape in the coming months set to be dominated by the fall out of the EU referendum, Dods’ team of consultants have produced policy lookaheads to sit alongside our daily information and political briefings, to help keep you up to speed in the busy period ahead. 

These timelines include key events, statistics and reports that we are expecting in the coming months and will be updated in January 2017.

The document contains detailed policy lookaheads in the following areas:

  • Local government and housing
  • Justice 
  • Culture, media and technology 
  • Education and skills  
  • Home affairs  
  • Transport 
  • Defence, development and foreign affairs 
  • Welfare and social care 
  • Health 
  • Business and trade 
  • Energy and climate change 
  • Sport 
  • Environment and rural affairs