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Labour party conference recap Transport


The Dods Monitoring team have collated an overview by sector of Labour activity at conference. See below the overview of transport.


Shadow transport secretary Mary Creagh MP reaffirmed Labour’s stance on transport, which included commitments to continue with HS2 and said that the next government would need to act on the recommendations from the Davies Commission into airport expansion.

She said that “more airport capacity is vital to Britain’s economic success…”, and whilst supportive of high speed rail, costs, she argued, needed to be kept under control.
Labour’s plans to change the rail system to integrate Network Rail and a new passenger rail body to coordinate track and train operations was the centre-piece of Creagh’s arguments. 

The plan would also allow a state backed operator to bid for franchises. Creagh also called for devolution of rail services, to bring decisions closer to those that use them. All heavy goods vehicles, she confirmed, would be fitted with safety devices to protect pedestrians and cyclists, under a Labour Government.

Transport; Health; Financial services; Local Government; Housing; Business and retail; Energy and Environment, Defence and Education full briefings are available on request.