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Labour party conference recap Health


The Dods Monitoring team have collated an overview by sector of Labour activity at conference. See below the overview of health.


Labour leader Ed Miliband’s keynote speech at this year’s Labour conference firmly placed the NHS at the heart of the party’s General Election 2015 campaign, with a commitment to create a £2.5bn Time to Care Fund to transform the NHS into a world class 21st Century health and care service.

An emotional speech by the shadow health secretary Andy Burnham on the final day of conference provided further detail on Labour’s 10 year route map for a national health and care service based around the recommendations of Sir John Oldham’s commission on whole-person care.

The shadow secretary of state made a commitment to change the way financial incentives within the system worked, arguing that the episodic tariffs currently in place were barriers to change. Local authorities didn’t have an incentive to invest in social care as the focus was ensuring that council tax was kept down.

Burnham added that he would introduce a “year of care budget” to allow patients to be kept in the home rather than the hospital. This would create conditions for a “full personalisation of care”.

Carers would not be invisible to the system and would play a part in whole person care by playing a key role in devel-oping personalised care plans.
The £2.5bn fund would first be used to recruit a further 36,000 frontline NHS staff and would be funded through a new mansion tax and a tax on tobacco firms.

Transport; Health; Financial services; Local Government; Housing; Business and retail; Energy and Environment, Defence and Education full briefings are available on request.