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The Great Repeal Bill Explained

The Great Repeal Bill Explained

As Parliament prepares to pour over what might be the shortest piece of legislation in recent memory, in the form of European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, we look ahead to the prospect of the Great Repeal Bill and consider if it will provide the vehicle by which MPs can start finally holding government to account as the Brexit process continues. 

The Great Repeal Bill has been described as both a historic Bill to return sovereignty to Parliament and a less glamourous but ultimately pragmatic piece of tidy up legislation. 

However, the nature of the task ahead cannot be under-estimated.  EU law covers areas such as environmental regulation, workers’ rights, and the regulation of financial services so without the Great Repeal Bill, when we exit the EU, all these rules and regulations would no longer have legal standing in the UK, creating a ‘black hole’ in the UK statute book and leading to uncertainty and confusion.

Dods Monitoring has provided an overview of this Bill and will be tracking it in detail once the legislation comes forward, following the Queen Speech due later this year.