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Dods Research – Strategic Supplier Index 2018 now available


The Strategic Supplier Index (SSI) 2018 is now available, click here to buy now

“The scores for value for money are improving, indicating that civil servants feel that they are getting a better deal from suppliers.”

The 2018 edition of Dods Strategic Supplier Index (SSI) Report analyses civil servants’ perceptions of the top strategic suppliers to Government and delivers vital insights including:

  • The most important factors influencing the award of government contracts
  • Examples of best practice and the criteria that procurement specialists look for in suppliers
  • Comparisons of suppliers according to key criteria

Now in its 4th edition, this report provides actionable insights to aid an organisation's future Government engagement strategy and is based on the views of over 700 civil servants.

This report will enable you to:

  • Identify which of the Government’s strategic suppliers are looked upon favourably by civil servants
  • Understand what influences civil servants when evaluating suppliers
  • Find out which suppliers have the most resonance in the civil service
  • Discover which suppliers are considered to deliver value for money, understand the public sectors’ needs and are deemed to be trustworthy
  • Understand where there are differences in opinion between senior managers, delivery officers and procurement professionals.

Who should buy this report:

  • All suppliers working alongside a Crown Representative
  • Firms who work with the strategic suppliers in delivering government contracts
  • Firms considering selling goods and services to Government Departments
  • Public Relations firms which represent the Government’s strategic suppliers
  • Government departments looking to understand how others perceive the strategic suppliers

This report includes:

  • The potential impact of Brexit on procurement
  • What factors influence civil servants’ decision making when considering suppliers
  • An outline of civil servants’ awareness of the work each strategic supplier delivers on behalf of Government
  • Charts ranking suppliers for value for money, understanding public sector needs and trustworthiness, feeding into an overall ranking
  • Which are the leading suppliers in the opinion of senior managers, service delivery officers, and procurement professionals

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