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Brexit Round Up Pharma (11th Nov. 2016)

Brexit Round Up Pharma

This report will collate all key activity from the last week in Westminster, Whitehall, the European Commission, European Parliament and leading stakeholders as it relates to the pharmaceuticals and life science industry.

Much focus has been on political events in the USA this week. With Donald Trump’s victory confirmed, many have been speculating on the impact it will have on Britain’s negotiating power during Brexit talks. During the post-war period, Britain and the United States have both pursued a foreign policy agenda based on international cooperation and global trade. Now for the first time however, Britain will be dealing with a United States that is opposed to this consensus.

Some have speculated that a Trump administration will be detrimental to Brexit talks; he brings none of the credibility of Clinton and his comments on NATO suggests his disinterest in European affairs. Theresa May herself said in December last year that Donald Trump “does not understand” the UK.

In the UK Parliament this week, ministers again refused to say whether the Acquired Rights Directive 2001/23/EC would be incorporated into British law after Britain leaves the bloc, following a debate in the House of Commons. Over in the European Parliament, one key event was the meeting Constitutional Affairs Committee which discussed what they saw as potential models for the future relationship between the EU and the UK.

  • UK: Supreme Court set date for Article 50 review
  • UK: New life science investment group announced
  • UK: MPs debate workers’ rights
  • UK: Government strategy to be broadly outlined before Christmas
  • UK: Pfizer announce closure of plants
  • UK: Assessing impact of US elections
  • UK: Lords debate impact on scientific research
  • EU: Health committee discuss future location of EMA
  • EU: Word Bank on trade and investment implications
  • EU: Parliament looks at potential models for the post-Brexit relationship
  • Weekly lookahead